Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dinner Plates

My Mom and I had a BIG garage sale last weekend.  It was so fun!  People paid US to haul away our cast off stuff - what a concept.  Our customers were happy because they found a bargain, and we were happy because we divested ourselves of clutter and earned some extra money.

One of our customers bought all the odd and end plates that we had at 25¢ each, including some of my Mom's Portmerion Botanical Garden odd sandwich plates (now THAT is a bargain!!!).  She explained that when she gives a plate of cookies, she can tell the recipient to keep the plate.  I LOVE that idea - What a wonderful way to bless a friend.

Now I'm all inspired to make some cookies to put on a beautiful thrifted give-away plate!

Here's a Portmerion Botanic Garden Plate.  Aren't they beautiful?


Janette Crawford said...

Hi Mary! I just discovered you and your work on Storenvy, which my husband and I run. I'm a fellow Kansan (grew up in Moundridge, which is near Newton) and a lover of great, sustainable design, and I love your eye! Can't wait to see you around online, and... next time you're selling Portmeirion for 25 cents apiece, let me know! :)

Mary Zoom said...

Thanks, Janette! I love - I accidentally discovered it through another blog and am looking forward to increasing my presence there. I'm not surprised a Kansas runs storenvy! :o)