Sunday, June 20, 2010

Getting Started at Mary Zoom's Cottage

Well, today I started on the front bedroom of Mary Zoom's cottage.  This is where I will have my sewing room.  I am really excited to have a space all my own that is not in the basement. It is a nice big room with windows, and there are 12 foot ceilings!  The first thing I did was pull up the icky carpet, which will lead to the next step of sanding the wood floors to get rid of the stuck-on carpet pad.  It will be a lot of hard work but will be worth it!

Here is the floor without the carpet.  In the background you can see what it used to look like.  You should have seen me all covered in black dried-out carpet pad dust!

Here is a picture of the door and the closet.  The woodwork doesn't look too bad through the eye of the camera, but close up it's pretty rough.  I'm wondering if I should paint it white?  My favorite white is called "Atrium White" from Benjamin Moore.  It would definitely brighten the room.

Look at the beautiful hinges!

This is the north window.

This is the east window.  It looks out over the front porch.  I'm thinking of putting my sewing machine in front of this window.  That way I can watch the world go by while I'm sitting and sewing.  Also, it is the PERFECT window for african violets.  

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Unni Strand said...

Thank you for sharing!
I'm following your renovation project eagerly! I'm very pleased with my own study, but I think yours will be awesome!