Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What About Making

Tara Gentile at Scoutie Girl asked this question:  Why do you make?   This question got me to thinking about the answer.  I've never really thought much about it before because I've always made.  I mean, always - it's in my DNA.   My mom always made stuff and so did my grandmother.  My grandfather was a dairy farmer, and my Dad was an engineer.  I guess he designed stuff and then made it.  

As a child, I actually thought everyone was a maker, too.  When I grew up, I found that wasn't the case, but that's okay. Those I know who are not makers do other cool stuff like bookeeping and teaching.  In some ways, maybe that is what they make.

So, Tara, I guess this is my answer:  I just make.  I'm not sure how to do {be} otherwise.  I'd like to know why others make, too!


Unni Strand said...

Difficult question!
I think a major part of why I make is to make other people happy. To make things that make people happy. But also because I like to make things.

Happy Christmas Mary Zoom!

Mary Zoom said...

Happy, happy Christmas to you, too, Unni! May the New Year be filled with lots more making and also making people happy!