Sunday, March 15, 2009

Belts Galore

Yesterday I was at my very favorite thrift shop.  Actually it is the only thrift shop here in my home town of Goodland, Kansas.   Nevertheless, it is a wonderful thrift shop!  The prices are great, and the selection quite varied, from housewares to patterns to clothes to linens.  You know, thrift shop stuff!  What was even better yesterday was that they had a 25 cent sale.  All the clothes and shoes were only 25 cents each! What a bargain.  My best purchase, though, was the 27 cotton webbing belts that I bought.  As a matter of fact, I bought every one they had. Gee, at 25 cents, how could I pass up such a treasure trove?   

So, you ask, what would one do with 27 cotton webbing belts? Repurpose them into market bag handles!  Has anyone ever priced a yard of cotton webbing?  Let me tell you, the cost is definitely more than 25 cents!

Here is my passel of 27 cotton webbing belts, fresh from the thrift shop.   There are lots of different colors, widths and textures.

Here are those same belts, minus the hardware, all washed and ready to be recycled into market bag handles.  So many yummy colors!

If you are ever traveling on I-70 through Western Kansas, make sure to stop by our wonderful thrift shop in downtown Goodland, Kansas.  You never know, you might stumble upon a 25 cent sale or even better yet, their sack sale when everything you can moosh into a shopping back is a dollar!  Now there's a bargain!

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