Friday, March 13, 2009

Little Bitty Boxes Tutorial

These cute little boxes are a good way to use up all those leftover greeting cards.  I have also picked up greeting cards at yard sales and thrift shops EXTREMELY cheap!  They are lots of fun to make and go together really fast.  I made a ton of them on evening and put them in a big basket in my craft fair boot and gave them away as an extra little gift to each of my customers.

Step 1:  Gather the following tools and supplies:
- Leftover Greeting card
- Quilting ruler
- Glue stick
- Rotary cutter
- Bone folder

Step 2:  Cut the greeting card in half at the fold with the rotary cutter for a nice straight cut.
Step 3:  Cut about a 1/16 inch sliver off one short end and one long end of the inside half.  That way the bottom of the box will fit nicely into the top.
Step 4:  Take the bone folder and score both cards 1 inch (2.5 cm) from every edge and then cut 1 inch (2.5), using the score lines as a guide, on the short ends only to the score lines (see the picture).

Step 5:  Bend in all score lines on both cards.  Glue the short tabs on the ends inside the longer end tabs.

And now you're done!  You have just made a cute little gift or treasure box from a recycled greeting card.  Now, what to do with all the leftover envelopes???


Anonymous said...

those came out great, I'm sure that takes quite a bit of Patience!

Sachiko said...

Hi, Mary Zoom! I love the cute box idea. and your tutorial was very easy to follow. I also checked out your etsy store, you are one creative person!