Monday, January 17, 2011

Pioneer Quilt

A few days ago I posted about a wonderful working quilt I had acquired that was made by a Great Plains pioneer woman.  It was so shabby, torn and worn out, but you could still see the original beauty.  Because it was so worn out, I washed it and cut it up, salvaging only what was useable.  Here are some pictures of the quilt top salvaged pieces:

A true crazy quilt design
Look at all the beautiful textures and colors!
I see a piece of fabric that still has a dart left in it.
Some very, very tiny pieces.
She made use of everything!
Pieces of the quilt all piled up.
I'm sure this pioneer homemaker had
a nice scrap pile that she kept adding to
so that nothing would go to waste.

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Unni Strand said...

Thank you for showing us!
I loved to see the photos!