Monday, January 10, 2011

Dying Art of Letter Writing

This week is National Letter Writing Week here in the US.  With email, Facebook and Twitter, it seems that sitting down to write a letter with pen and paper is becoming a dying art.  Don't get me wrong - I love email!  What an efficient and sustainable way to communicate.  However, there is something very special that happens when a letter is written, sent, delivered and then read.

I have a cousin in Chicago who I correspond with.  Also a girlfriend of 30 years in St. Louis.  When I receive one of their letters in my mailbox, it is as if I have received a priceless gift!  I read and reread their letters, written in their own hand, and it is as if a piece of themselves has been imparted into my life.  That's one thing that I like about a letter - I can put it in my pocket and carry it with me!

My husband and I dated before email.  We were separated for a season while I was away to college. I still have his love letters stored away in a box.  Try tying up a group of emails with a ribbon!  

In honor of letters, here are a few of my favorite Etsy finds:

Here is a lovely notecard by StoriesDivinations

Here is another beautiful notecard by ParrotDesignStudios

Wouldn't it be fun to type a letter on this typewriter from Brooklynretro?

I would love to hear a story about a special letter you received!

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Tina said...

Another cool idea to keep letter writing alive is The Things Unsaid Project, found at Love this endeavor and think others in a letter writing frame of mind will find it interesting as well.

Keep up the good work!