Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Inspiration - Affection

"Every gift which is given, even though it be small, is in reality great, if it is given with affection."  Pindar  (ancient Greek poet)

1.  Moss Covered Monogram by Esther Shafer
2.  Holding Hands Illustration by Sara Pulver
3.  Vintage Seam Binding by Jersey Ice Cream Company
4.  Spooning No. 2 Fine Art Photo by Petek Design
6.  Los Cabos Porcelain Ring by MaaP Studio
7.  Greeting Card with Handwritten Calligraphy by Sparrow Nest Script
8.  Wedding Invitation by Vanessa Ottenbreit
9.  Romantic French Print by The Love Shop

1 comment:

Unni Strand said...

I love your finds!
Happy week to you!