Thursday, September 8, 2011

Paper Plate Baskets

I was sipping my coffee and browsing the internet and came upon this great tutorial by Sarah Hearts for making baskets out of paper plates - the cheap, flimsy kind.  You know, the ones that leak all over and fold in half as soon as you put any food on them.  These baskets are easy peasy and quite addictive.  I thought they would be cute using the Japanese fabric sticky tape that I have in my new Etsy supply shop

Here are the baskets that I made - I used some vintage buttons for embellishments, but you could put anything on them, or you could leave them plain and just taped together.  

If you would like to learn to make these, the tutorial is by Sarah Hearts, and she has the tutorial here.   I would love to hear your ideas on different ways to use these cuties.  

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