Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hurry Up, Spring - I miss you!

Okay, today is March 30, almost April, so where is Spring?  Don't get me wrong, I love snow.  Snowy winter days are wonderful - they blanket us in a white coverlet and everything looks so clean and beautiful.  Plus, the world stands still for a day, giving me time to take a deep breath.  However, enough is enough!  I am ready to move forward into Spring - REALLY ready!

I took this picture of my back yard yesterday 

I started some seedlings for my vegetable garden this past weekend.  They haven't germinated yet, but should in a few days.  My husband, John CowMilk, designed and built this wonderful frame so they can have adequate light.  We will be adding the lights as soon as my pepper plants germinate, which should be in a few days.  We are growing LOTS of jalapeno peppers to make hot pepper jelly to sell at Farmer's Market this summer.  

Here is my little spot of Spring

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Amanda said...

Hey MaryEllen
I am growing lots of jalapenos too! I planted them in lots of little pots and they are sitting on my counter waiting for the day when they can be planted outside (and I will be happy to reclaim my kitchen island counter!)