Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Studio Organizing Idea

Hello, my friends!  I just wanted to show you how I organized my t-shirt stash.  I used one of those wire cube shelf things that I got at Target.  I ended up wiring the pieces together - that way it won't come apart on me when I pull out a shirt.  Then I folded the t-shirts in half crosswise, put the sleeves inward and then rolled them up tightly.   I put the shelving on a garage sale coffee table in order to increase the storage.  I plan to put baskets of scraps underneath.  

The colors look so pretty, I hate to use them now.  But this way I can see everything without rummaging through boxes.  It's easy to pull one out without disturbing the others.  

Here is the room in my studio cottage that I have the t-shirts.
Isn't that little handmade built-in cabinet great?
Here are all the t-shirts - aren't they pretty?
The icky shag carpet has to go - that's the plan!
What creative idea have you come up with for organizing your stash and tools?  

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Tanya said...

That looks so PRETTY! How fun when organizing ends up looking so nice.

Want to come organize all my kiddos' toys next? ;)

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