Saturday, June 13, 2009

A New Blouse

I was at the thrift shop the other day and bought this VERY cute summer blouse - it fits me perfectly and has the best little details.  It also has a peplum, which I just LOVE.  Well, I started to wear it and something about it just didn't seem quite right.  I walked around the house in it for awhile, but there was just something about it that bugged me.  I finally figured it out: it was the collar.  It was just too big and floppy to suit me.  

Oh no!  Now what to do?  The blouse was so perfect otherwise! And, I paid $3.99 for it at the thrift shop, a premium price.  Well, it hit me - I could ditch the collar altogether, which I proceeded to do.  Now the blouse is absolutely just right.

Here is the blouse with the collar cut off. I used this vintage seam binding to finish off the cut edges.  I have to say, it does pay to be a packrat!

Isn't this the most beautiful ribbon?  It's really easy to use.  Just remember it has no stretch at all, so you will have to ease it a little bit around the corners.

The next thing I did was add the binding starting from the right bottom front, all the way around and ending at the left bottom front.   I sewed the binding on the INSIDE of the blouse.  

Then I pressed the binding towards the edge of the fabric.  After that I wrapped it around to the front and sewed it down.  If you have trouble with the buttons making your lines wavy, try using a zipper foot for the button edge.  

Here's the same blouse without the collar.  Much more to my liking!

Here's a close-up detail where you can see the bound edges.  Now I can't wait to wear my new blouse!

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Unni Strand said...

Very good "tutorial"! The blouse turned so great and it was such a good idea to remove the collar. It made me feel like going to the thrift store and look for some treasures myself.